Weekly Newsletter (March 11-15)


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We completed Week #1 of CMTs with a bit of a hiccup with the snow day on Friday. The adjusted CMT schedule is below – it pushes the testing into next week with the Science test on Monday, March 18. Parent/Teacher Conferences are this week – mostly on Thursday and Friday. Both of those days are half days for students. If you need a reminder when your conference is click here. Students will be introduced to the American Revolution Famous Person Speeches on Monday. Each student will be assigned a famous person from the American Revolution era. If they do not like the person they were assigned they can change it (with my approval). Most of the famous people are men. That’s because women of the time period have limited info and are often harder to research. If you find otherwise (and students have in the past), go for it. The assignment is to write and give a 3-5 minute speech in the “first person.” That means students should actually pretend they are the famous person and dress up as that person, too. They will have four weeks – the speeches will be on Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12.

American Revolution Famous People Speech 2012-2013 (Speech Assignments)

American Revolution Speech Writing Tips

Revised CMT Schedule

Monday, March 11 (Reading Comprehension II)

Tuesday, March 12 (Degrees of Reading Power)

Wednesday, March 13 (Math I)

Thursday, March 14 (Math II)

Friday, March 15 (Math III)

Monday, March 18 (Science)

Upcoming Events

Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) – March 11-18

March 14-15 –Parent/Teacher Conferences

April “Vacation” – April 15-17

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I think I’m a little happy that I’m not there for the CMT but I don’t think I can do well if I took the CMT. Hope I can come back someday.

It would be great to have you come back and visit, Mizuki. We miss you. Would you like to do a Skype session with the class?

I was hoping to come back this summer and pay a little visit but sadly, I will not be coming back this summer.

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