Weekly Newsletter (September 15-19)


Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on September 13, 2014

Homework slips begin on Tuesday. My homework policy requires students to turn in homework each morning with their name on it (because breaking out the microscope to analyze the handwriting patterns ain’t happening). I have been lenient thus far and have given personalized reminders to all students as they get used to this. Those days are over. (Insert dramatic music.)

We will be taking our bike ride to school (optional) on Thursday, September 18. For anyone interested in going, we will be leaving from the Avon Free Public Library at 7 AM. We will be joined by students from Mr. Lindberg’s class as well. Anyone attending will need to bring a working bike (with properly inflated tires) and a helmet that fits. Permission slips went out a couple weeks ago and students cannot ride without one. Bikes will need to be picked up from Thompson Brook either later that day or afternoon by a parent. If the bike cannot be picked up until the following day, I would recommend putting a bike lock on the bike (and there is a bike rack in front of the school).

Our team goes to Winding Trails on Friday. Students should dress in layers since the mornings could be chilly this time of year, yet be toasty by afternoon. They also need to bring a lunch in a sturdy bag, preferably disposable. By sturdy I mean no brown paper bags unless they have a plastic shopping bag (or something strong) around it. Brown bags always break making for happy ants and unhappy students. The kids move the lunches several times and eat in the woods. Disposable is just more convenient for them so they don’t have to carry it site to site after they eat.


Upcoming Events

Bike Ride to School – Thursday, September 18

Winding Trails – Friday, September 19

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