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Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on September 20, 2014

Both the bike ride and Winding Trails trip went very well last week – perfect weather for both of them. Thank you to our parent bike riders and all the parents who made it happen by lugging a bike to the library at 7 AM. Welcome to fall (as of Monday evening at 10:29 PM).

Our Egg Drop will take place Wednesday morning at 9 AM. Parents/grandparents/small kids (not yet in school) are welcome to attend and watch the egg destruction. Please do NOT come inside the building. Instead, meet us outside near the south entrance where parent drop off/pickup takes place. The egg drop will take place right around that area, but you’ll know exactly where when you see all the kids marching out. After the eggs are dropped, you are invited to come back in the classroom. At this stage I’ll open all the containers one at a time to see if the egg survived or if I was successfully able to destroy it. I’ll be happy to start with the containers of those who the visitors came to see so you don’t have to stick around if time is tight. You are more than welcome to watch all the containers get opened if you would like.


Upcoming Events

Egg Drop – Wednesday, September 24 (9 AM)


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This is so exciting and I wish i could be there…I have to take some mandatory training at that time. Mr. Lynch can you please share some pictures?

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