Weekly Newsletter (October 6-10)


Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on October 4, 2014

The entire fifth grade heads to Sturbridge Village on Friday. Students need to bring a lunch/drink/snack, but they will carry the food around with them so I would recommend they bring a tiny backpack (definitely not a regular school sized backpack) like one of those thin draw-string bags. Students certainly aren’t required to bring a small backpack, but if they bring only their lunch it should be in a sturdy bag that they could carry around. The property is huge and groups will eat wherever they want so that’s why students will want to bring a sturdy bag or backpack. Electronics are allowed for the bus, but those items must be stored away when we arrive at Sturbridge and not come out again until the bus ride home.

We’ve started several new things over the past week. Students filled out job applications for positions at our class business (Bungles); they were introduced to writing projects; and they learned about and began to explore the iPads. On Monday students will be introduced to the topic of social media and how it plays a powerful role in all of our lives.


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Sturbridge Village – Friday, October 10


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