Weekly Newsletter (February 25-29)


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Only three weeks until Spring – phew. I hope you all enjoyed your February Vacation. This is the last week of February and the students join in the CMT fun of March. Parent/Teacher Conferences are in about two weeks on March 14-15. As before, the sign-up is electronic. If you were previously signed up for a conference in December I put you in that same time slot/day. If you were not signed up electronically before or you would like to change your time feel free to do so. Click here to go to the website – the password was in a previous e-mail I sent out.

CMT Schedule

Tuesday, March 5 (Writing Prompt)

Wednesday, March 6 (Editing & Revising)

Thursday, March 7 (Reading Comprehension I)

Friday, March 8 (Reading Comprehension II)

Monday, March 11 (Science)

Tuesday, March 12 (Degrees of Reading Power)

Wednesday, March 13 (Math I)

Thursday, March 14 (Math II)

Friday, March 15 (Math III)


Upcoming Events

March 14-15 –Parent/Teacher Conferences

Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) – March 5-15

April Vacation – April 15-19

Weekly Newsletter (February 11-15)


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So much for the groundhog giving us an early spring. I hope everyone dug out ok and are safely back in a home with power. Last week we did our first Academic CMT Switch. Students switched classes for most of the day on Thursday, going between classes focused on reading, writing, and math skills. We’ll be doing this again next Thursday as well and then one more time the week after vacation. Since Friday was a day off for the blizzard, students will take the science and spelling test on Monday. Enjoy the February vacation!



Upcoming Events

February 18-22 – February Vacation

Weekly Newsletter (February 4-7)


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February is a short month – only 15 school days this month. When we return to school in March, students will be greeted by the CMTs. As a way to help them prepare and relieve some test anxiety, our team will be doing an Academic Switch one day a week during February for a total of three sessions. Students will switch classes on our team, visiting each teacher to work on a specific skill. This is a fun way for students to explore switching classes, hear from different teachers, and get a little CMT confidence. Library classes have ended for the year. From this point forward students will be attending Health Class. The library will still be accessible if students want to check out books.


Upcoming Events

February 18-22 – February Vacation

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