Weekly Newsletter (September 10-14)


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Students survived their first week of school and they are now entering into their only full week of school during the month of September. Open House is on Wednesday night at 6 PM. I will talk about what your child will be doing in class over the next ten months as well as what can be done on my end and the parental end to make this a great year for everyone. I would tell you to also come because there will be a raw bar, hot & cold appetizers, and a coffee station, but if I told you that, I’d be lying. Maybe hard candy. Probably not even that.

If you’re wondering what’s going on academically, we slowly eased into the academics last week. In math we started Unit 1: Number Theory. This includes factors, divisibility, prime numbers, and a few other related concepts. In Reader’s Workshop students are learning the basics of discussion and choice, such as choosing the right book, along with starting Because of Winn Dixie. In Writer’s Workshop, students are learning about what it means to be a writer and in particular, the importance of a Writer’s Journal. In Social Studies we will start with geography this week and students will attend their first Science Lab (taught by Mrs. Luddy) on Monday.

The Supply List you received came with a disclaimer about the supplies being recommended, but not mandatory. This is absolutely true, but there are certain items that I will pick up for students if they are unable to provide them. Just let me know and I will be happy to get them. For example, the tennis balls prevent the chairs from making the most horrific screeching sound every single time they are moved. For the sanity of both myself and the students, if students cannot bring in tennis balls I will just buy them myself.


Upcoming Events

Open House – Wednesday, September 12 (6 PM)

Bike Ride to School – Thursday, September 20 (7 AM) OPTIONAL

Winding Trails – Friday, September 21


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