Weekly Newsletter (March 4-8)


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So, here it is – March. Spring is knocking ever so gently on our doors, but the CMTs are pounding their fists on the doors. The Connecticut Mastery Tests (CMTs) begin on Tuesday. See below for a full day-by-day schedule. Getting to bed on time is essential for students the next couple of weeks and arriving to school on time is also important. Testing begins the same time each day and all late students are ushered into the gym where they have to wait until the end of testing at 10 AM (and then make up the test another day). Conferences are next week – if you have not already signed up please do so ASAP.

CMT Schedule

Tuesday, March 5 (Writing Prompt)

Wednesday, March 6 (Editing & Revising)

Thursday, March 7 (Reading Comprehension I)

Friday, March 8 (Reading Comprehension II)

Monday, March 11 (Science)

Tuesday, March 12 (Degrees of Reading Power)

Wednesday, March 13 (Math I)

Thursday, March 14 (Math II)

Friday, March 15 (Math III)

Upcoming Events

Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) – March 5-15

March 14-15 –Parent/Teacher Conferences

April Vacation – April 15-18

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