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We are coming off of a short week and now we are back to a full five days. I hope that everyone had nice Easter or Passover family time. Students were introduced to the American Revolution Famous Person Speeches several weeks ago. The speeches will take place next week and parents are invited to come listen to their child’s speech. More specific information on a time window will be given so you could come in for your child’s speech and not have to sit in the class for the entire morning. I will e-mail that list out this week. Last week we focused on the actual writing of the speech and how students take information from their research and make that into an interesting speech. We even had a guest speaker, Mr. Gleason, come in to speak to the students about speaking and giving presentations. Each student was assigned a famous person from the American Revolution era. If they did not like the person they were assigned they were able to change it (with my approval). The deadline for changing the assigned person has passed. The assignment is to write and give a 3-5 minute speech in the “first person.” That means students should actually pretend they are the famous person and dress up as that person, too. The speeches will be on Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12.

American Revolution Famous People Speech 2012-2013 (Speech Assignments)

American Revolution Speech Writing Tips



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American Revolution Famous Person Speeches – April 11-12

April “Vacation” – April 15-17

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