Weekly Newsletter (February 10-14)


Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on February 8, 2014

This is a five-dayer (supposedly – weather permitting) with all of next week off for February Vacation. It is also the last ever February Vacation as the vacation goes ba-bye with next year’s school calendar.

Last week State Representative Tim LeGeyt came to join us for about half a day. One teacher in Avon was selected to be “shadowed” by a politician, I was picked, and there ya go.

Junior Achievement started on Wednesday and so far it has gone really well. The program for fifth grade is called Our Nation and includes 5-6 lesson days. Our Nation focuses on businesses that utilize science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s a great tie-in to our own class business, Bungles, and other entrepreneurial discussions we’ve had as a class. Click here for more detailed information on the sessions.



Upcoming Events

February Vacation – February 17 – 21

Connecticut Science Center field trip – Friday, February 28

April Vacation – April 14 – 18

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