Weekly Newsletter (September 29 – October 3)


Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on September 26, 2014

Our Egg Drop went very well last week. Students slightly edged me by having 12 successful egg containers while I was able to destroy 11 eggs. However, as I explained to students, it’s not about whether the egg broke or not, it’s about the time and testing that went into the project. Students who showed solid evidence of testing and submitted a great report will still do very well on the project, whether the egg broke or not.

The entire fifth grade heads to Sturbridge Village on Friday, October 10. As of this writing, students haven’t received the permission slip yet, but hopefully this will be sent home Monday or Tuesday. I am still looking for one more chaperone to join us at Sturbridge that day. According to Avon Public School rules, the chaperone must be fingerprinted (in the past year – or plan on doing so in the next couple of weeks) to be able to come along. E-mail me if you are interested.


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Sturbridge Village – Friday, October 10


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