Weekly Newsletter (October 27-31)


Posted by MrLynch | Posted in Weekly Newsletter | Posted on October 25, 2014

We were going to start Division on Tuesday, but we didn’t end up starting until Friday. We did some problem solving and math game exploration in the last few days. The Division unit will continue for a few weeks.

Students will attend the More Than Money Conference on Friday. Part of what they learn that day will be based on the More Than Money curriculum. They won’t need a lunch if they ordered the free deli lunch, but some kids opted to bring their own lunch that day. Students also started Junior Achievement classes last week with Mrs. Kennedy and these will continue this week as well. Students are learning about the Our Nation curriculum.

Last week students were introduced to Goodreads and they all created accounts using a variation of my e-mail. This was done so that students didn’t have to give any personal information. If students have to do anything online, their online name is a specific number, like 9. Goodreads is a site which allows you to rate and store books so students rate a book from 1-5 stars and then it offers recommendations. It’s a great system of storing all the books that you have ever read. I’ve personally been using the site for years. Using the app (which is free for phones, iPods, iPads, or other tablets) is even better, allowing you to scan in the barcode on a book. I do this in bookstores and scan any books that I might be interested in reading in the future. We will be using this to rate books, check recommendations, and write book reviews. I encourage parents to check out their child’s account.


Upcoming Events

More Than Money Conference – Friday, October 31

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Thursday and Friday, December 4-5 (and many mornings that week)


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