Weekly Newsletter (May 23-27)


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One of my students won the honor of throwing a ball and plunging me in the dunk tank for the March of Dimes fundraiser last week. I was immediately scared because she is a good athlete, and of course she nailed the target on the second try. The water was ridiculously cold. The fun part was my Billy Bob outfit though, which the students hated. They looked at me with both fear and scorn from the moment I transformed into Billy Bob. That of course, made me happy.




Our trip to the Nathan Hale Homestead was on Friday. We had a perfectly beautiful day, and the students seemed to enjoy it. They spent the day going through six different sessions learning about not only Nathan Hale but how spying worked back in the 1770s, schooling, clothing, and food.



Students were introduced to the Controversial Issue Project 2016 six weeks ago. They have their own copy of the packet, but you could check it out on here as well. You could also see all the details on the website – www.controversialproject.weebly.com.  The entire project is due on May 24, and during the afternoon students from other classes will come in to our room to check out the projects. That evening, the projects will also be on display during the Spring Open House from 6-6:30 PM.

Upcoming Events

Grade 5 Open House (evening) – Tuesday, May 24

Field Day – Monday, June 6

Step-Up-Day – Wednesday, June 8

End-of-the-Year BBQ – Wednesday, June 8 (11 AM – 12 PM)

Last Day of School – Thursday, June 9

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